Everest - Donation of $20,000 and above

Everest - Donation of $20,000 and above
Annual donation of $20,000 +. Benefits include 4 Patron Passes.


An Everest Level Donation is an annual donation of $20,000 +. Benefits include: 4 Patron Passes for the Festival (all-access passes which include the Filmmaker's Dinner and priority entry into theaters) and Everest Level Acknowledgement in the Festival Program, Website, Theater Screenwash and Donor Brochure.

Note: If you pledge to donate for three years at a specified dollar amount, you will be entitled to benefits corresponding to the next highest level. For example, a 3-year pledge of $1,250 will entitle you to El Capitan benefits for all three years! (Offer valid only on Ajax level or higher.)

Please read more about Mountainfilm and the Programs you will help support here: http://www.mountainfilm.org/about-mountainfilm

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